[Mpi3-ft] Summary of today's call

Richard Graham rlgraham at ornl.gov
Fri Mar 28 18:28:57 CDT 2008

Here is a summary of the action items from today's call:
 - The consumer/producer scenario is ready for discussion before the full
forum, once we have nailed down the approach to error handling within MPI.
The plan is for Edgar to bring this to the full forum for discussion at the
April meeting.
 - The approach to error handling is almost ready to bring to the full
forum.  Several items came up in today's call (async notification and
handler stacking) that still need to be fleshed out and fully defined.
Alexander, since you were kicked off the call - would you be willing to
coordinate getting this ready for discussion in the full forum setting at
the April meeting ?  We should discuss this again an the call in 2 weeks
(4/11/2008) and go over the remaining items.
 - Josh will work with ? to get the proposal for non-blocking dynamic
process creation ready to go.  We should aim to continue discussions on this
next time, but this may not be ready by the April meeting.  If the forum is
amenable to this proposal, it should be integrated with the rest of dynamic
process control chapter.

Also, time permitting we will discuss the data piggy backing proposal on the
next call.

What did I forget?

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