[mpi3-ft] Telecon on 2/1/2008

Richard Graham rlgraham at ornl.gov
Fri Jan 25 11:08:44 CST 2008

Looking at the times people are available for this telecon, looks like
Friday, 2/1/2008 from 12-2pm EST, 5-7pm GMT is the time that fits the most
people who responded, so lets go with this time.  We will also stick to this
time slot on future calls, unless as a group we decide to change this.  I
know this does not work for all, so my apologies up front.

What I really want to cover on this call are the use case scenarios we want
to support, so we can have a target to shoot at.  It you have some use cases
you would like to go over, please do your best to send these out to the list
by next wed, 1/30/2008, to give people time to look over these.

Are there other items we need to discuss on this call ?


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