[Mpi3-ft] Transactional Messages

Greg Bronevetsky bronevetsky1 at llnl.gov
Mon Feb 25 10:33:25 CST 2008

>So are you really talking about adding a whole new set of pt2pt and
>collectives APIs specifically to handle transactional communications? Or
>are you looking to extend the current APIs to have a mode that a user
>could set the error detection? I have to admit I still find the
>difference between the two modes that Rich describes not that far apart
>from each other.

I don't think that we're that far ahead on this but my personal 
opinion is that we should not add new sets of MPI calls unless it is 
truly necessary. I think that in this case we can get all the 
functionality we need by adding
- a new function that the user would call at initialization time to 
set the error detection/notification policy and
- communicating error events via new return values and error handler calls.

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