[Mpi3-ft] Call this week

Richard Graham rlgraham at ornl.gov
Wed Aug 20 20:21:44 CDT 2008

Just a reminder that we have our weekly call scheduled this Friday,

Friday - 12-2 pm EDT, 5-7 pm GMT
 US Toll Free number: 877-801-8130
 Toll number: 1-203-692-8690
 Access Code: 1044056

The plan is to present our proposed approach for error notification in
MPI-3.  I have combined several different use case scenarios from various
documents, as well as a high level description of Greg¹s proposal for event
notification.  We should go over this document on the call Friday ­ I don¹t
think it is self-consistent as it reads, but would rather have us talk about
this before making changes.  We have nothing about MPI-I/O errors, and need
to consider these too.

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