[MPIWG Fortran] Question about MPI_Status_f2f08() and _f082f()

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To help aid in the depreciation of mpif.h, perhaps Cray/HPE can contribute
a source-to-source translation tool that can be recommended to the MPI user


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> >> 2) \begin{unpopular} Why are the legacy mpi module and mpif.h still
> included in the spec?  These are embarrassingly obsolete.  If this was
> fixed, none of the above mentioned conversion routines would be needed.
> \end(unpopular}
> >
> >
> > I would love it if we could ditch -- at a minimum -- mpif.h.
> >
> > However, there's oodles of legacy code out there that uses it.  That's
> why even deprecating it gets shouted down at Forum meetings.
> We have the same discussions in the Fortran committee about deleting
> things, or at least making them “obsolescent”, which seems functionally
> similar to deprecated in MPI.   In the end, we specify certain archaic and
> now-redundant features as deleted with full knowledge that implementors
> will not remove the capabilities from compilers because of old codes.
> However, the Intent is to guide programmers writing new code in the
> direction of using the new (hopefully better) alternatives.  And, relevant
> to the present discussion, deleting certain old stuff makes the standard
> document cleaner.
> Fundamentally, MPI is a C library.  Other languages, like C++ and Python,
> don’t require separate bindings specified in the MPI spec  because they can
> call C library routines.  The whole mpi_f08 module exercise was to
> demonstrate that Fortran can now do the same.  The whole idea of specifying
> a separate Fortran MPI interface needs to be rethought.  Perhaps something
> like
> “This version of MPI specifies the contents of a vendor-required Fortran
> module for MPI that allows access to the underlying C specification.  The
> separate language binding for Fortran has been deleted, but is still
> available for historical reference in the MPI-3 and earlier specifications.”
> That should allow for a significant simplification of the MPI
> specification document.
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