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Bill Long longb at cray.com
Thu Oct 21 12:24:27 CDT 2010

N.M. Maclaren wrote:
> On Oct 21 2010, Bill Long wrote:
>> I've lost track of the choice numbers, but if there is no need for 
>> characters other that C's char, then the simplest solution (for both the 
>> user and the TR) is to treat character arrays passed by descriptor like 
>> any other arrays passed by descriptor.  The type would be char, and the 
>> dimension information (dim[] member) corresponds to the Fortran 
>> dimensions. The elem_len field contains the array element length. 
>> Because sizeof(char) is 1, the character length parameter is equal to 
>> the elem_len value, so the character len value is directly available. 
> It is also the least future-resistant, which is matter of considerable
> concern.

Not really. The size of the array element in a character array will 
always have a known relationship to the number of characters in the 
variable.  For ASCII characters, the relationship is trivial (equal), 
but it we later wanted to add support for 32-bit characters, the factor 
of 4  is well known.  If the user only wants to move the data, then the 
only relevant value is the elem_len anyway.  If they want to cast the 
pointer to a local bigchar type, then one additional line, len = 
elem_len/4, trivially gets the length.  This is certainly simpler, and 
conceptually more acceptable, than adding dimensions and making believe 
that character variables are really arrays.   This is only 
future-resistant if the size of the future character representation is 
not an integer multiple of the size of char.  If that is the case, then 
far worse issues arise.


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> Nick Maclaren.
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