[MPI3 Fortran] Change character string declarations?

Lionel, Steve steve.lionel at intel.com
Wed May 26 15:48:40 CDT 2010

I think this is reasonable, though are you also changing other declarations to use the :: syntax?  CHARACTER(*) works too.  As for kind parameters, we've had extensive arguments about this before.  For character kinds, I suggest that leaving off the kind may be for the best - otherwise you'll perhaps need to reference ISO_C_BINDING's C_CHAR constant, and that seems to annoy others on this list.  "Default character" is probably safe and won't confuse users.


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Subject: [MPI3 Fortran] Change character string declarations?
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I would like to change all places in the MPI-3 standard with character
string dummy argument declarations such as,



    CHARACTER(len=*) :: KEY, VALUE

Comments?  Would we want to add a kind parameter too?

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