[MPI3 Fortran] Deprecate mpif.h?

Bill Long longb at cray.com
Tue Mar 9 12:45:27 CST 2010

Craig Rasmussen wrote:
> On Mar 9, 2010, at 10:52 AM, Supalov, Alexander wrote:
>> What is interesting to learn is what kind of representation will be  
>> chosen for the array descriptors, and whether it will be more or  
>> less standard across different compilers.
> Yes, the descriptor seen from C will be standard across compilers.   
> The design is currently open but I can send you a document that will  
> give you the flavor of where we are heading.

Here "standard" refers to the names of the members of a descriptor 
struct that are defined in a header file that has a standard name.  The 
actual memory layout of  the descriptor struct will not necessarily be 
the same for all implementations (in fact will probably not be the 
same). For example, an implementation is allowed to add extra hidden 
members to the struct, and reorder the members for alignment purposes. 
A particular pair of Fortran and companion C processors will agree on 
the memory layout, though, so the struct can be passed back and forth.


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