[mpiwg-coll] [mpiwg-persistence] MPI Persistent/Collective WGs Weekly Meeting

Christoph Niethammer niethammer at hlrs.de
Wed Aug 5 09:57:20 CDT 2020


Could you please circulate connection details, I tried the usual WebEx link of the MPI Forum but this seems to be the wrong place...


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I do not have aniline either. If you are going to talk about Psync, I will be happy to join.


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I have neither a calendar entry for this (which 10am do you mean?) nor any connection details/link.

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Folks, we are meeting today but not sure we have a formal agenda, other than discussing Psync.  Which is for MPI-4.1.
I will join about 5 minutes late, so please don't quit before 10:05 to see if we have quorum 🙂

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