[mpi3-coll] [MPI Forum] Ticket #168 MPI_Icomm_dup

Torsten Hoefler htor at illinois.edu
Sun Nov 13 09:25:31 CST 2011

Hi Collective WG members and "Groups, Contexts, and Communicators" Committee,

We discussed the functionality of a nonblocking communicator duplication
during MPI-2.2 and deferred the ticket (#164) to MPI-3 because we didn't
want to add too much at that point.

This functionality is crucial for the implementation of nonblocking
libraries (and the library concept in general) in MPI. For a detailed
discussion see Hoefler, Snir: "Writing Parallel Libraries with MPI -
Common Practice, Issues, and Extensions".

I beefed up the ticket to make it a full MPI-3 ticket and I would like
to have a reading at the January meeting. Everybody who is in the "To"
field of this message, please review this ticket in the context of the
groups and communicators and collectives chapters and comment (also
indicate when it's ok). Everybody else on the ML is invited to review

The collective operations and topologies WG will have another telecon
where this ticket is discussed soon.

Thanks & Best,

PS: please check if I got your username in the CC field right, and
correct it if it is wrong (I didn't find an index for those).

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