[mpi3-coll] March Teleconference

Torsten Hoefler htor at cs.indiana.edu
Mon Mar 2 14:06:21 CST 2009

Hello Coll-WG,
I'd like to propose this Thursday, the 5th or the 19th as dates for our
monthly teleconference. The time would be noon EST as usual.
Does anybody object? If not, the I'll reserve this Thursday (deadline
for objections is Wednesday). We can also choose another time or day in
those weeks.

I would propose the following two important agenda items:

1) wrapup NBC proposal (this should be really short as we don't have
   many changes)
  - issues with MPI_IN_PLACE and #45 in the proposal
  - intercommunicator proof of concept implementation

2) fixing the graph topology interface in MPI-2.2 (time-critical!)
  - discuss proposal #33

Anything else?

Thanks & Best,

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