[mpi3-coll] Simplify "local completion" to just "completion"

Bronis R. de Supinski bronis at llnl.gov
Mon Feb 2 15:30:14 CST 2009


Local completion is the term used in the point-to-point
discussions. In particular, even MPI_Send has "local
completion semantics", which means that the other side
of the operation may not have completed. I think we should
retain it since otherwise one can take it that the
entire operation must complete (i.e., in all tasks).


On Mon, 2 Feb 2009, Adam Moody wrote:

> I think we could reduce "local completion" to just "completion"
> throughout the text.  I don't think the adjective "local" is necessary
> and in some ways I find it confusing.  We define precisely what
> "completion" means in a collective, and we also explicitly note that
> completion at a process does not indicate the status of other
> processes.  Whenever we say "local completion", we really mean
> "completion" by our definition, so "local" is not necessary here.  And
> by saying "local" completion, it sounds as a reader that there may be
> such a thing as "non-local" completion, but we don't define it.  There
> is only one definition for collective completion.
> -Adam
> p 2, line 17 in "Collective operations can (but are not required to)
> complete locally as soon as the caller's participation in the collective
> communication is finished."
>     "complete locally"  -->  "complete"
> p 2, line 20 in "The local completion of a collective operation
> indicates that the caller is free to access locations in the
> communication buffer."
>     "The local completion" --> "The completion"
> p 49, line 48 & p 50, line 1 in "Once initiated, all associated send
> buffers should not be modified and all associated receive buffers should
> not be accessed until the collective operation completes locally."
>     "until the collective operation completes locally." --> "until the
> collective operation completes."
> p 51, line 32 in "On intracommunicators, the operation completes locally
> after every process in the communicator called MPI_IBARRIER."
>     "the operation completes locally" --> "the operation completes"
> and (to preserve verb tense)
>     "after every process in the communicator called"  -->  "after every
> process in the communicator calls"
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