[mpi3-coll] New nonblocking collective intro text

Christian Siebert siebert at it.neclab.eu
Mon Feb 2 08:50:22 CST 2009

Dear Adam and all,

I very much appreciate many of your textual improvements. However, it is 
very time consuming for us as reviewers to keep track of such 
substantial changes. It would have been much easier, if you had 
contributed your changes in an earlier stage. Anyway, I waded through 
the changes to revision 3 and will comment only on the things that I 
don't like (consider everything else as excellent):

I second Torsten's opinion on p. 49, l. 35-37: This reformulation 
introduces three times the term "complete". Besides this drawback, I 
also don't see any benefit from this reformulation compared to the 
previous version.

p. 50, l. 1-2: Similar problem (i.e. 2x"complete"). May I propose: "The 
start call returns a request handle, which is eventually passed to a 
completion call."

p. 50, l. 8: The part "unless otherwise specified in, or implied by, the 
description of the operation" has been added. Seem ok to me at first 
glance. However, we might re-check if this is really necessary and drop 
it otherwise.

p. 50, l. 16: This looks quite redundant to me. I'd propose sth. like 
the following restatement: "Upon completion of a nonblocking collective 
operation, the MPI_ERROR field...".

p. 50, l. 17: The added postfix "to indicate any errors" seems wrong to 
me because MPI_SUCCESS is also a valid entry for the MPI_ERROR field. 
I'd propose to simply omit this postfix. However, I'm not 100% sure 
because the section about the MPI Status object looks quite confusing in 
this respect. Btw. there exists also an empty status (which sets all 3 
fields) - so we might need to reconsider our decision about setting only 
the error field for nonblocking collective operations.

p. 50, l. 29: "nonblocking collective communications" => "nonblocking 
collective operations"

p. 50, l. 44: You changed "running time" to "minimal time to completion" 
- this is _not_ the same thing! I'd strongly prefer to stay with the 
previous terminology.

p. 62, l. 36/37: now we have two consecutive "the"s

Many thanks!


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