[Mpi3-abi] ABI: for languages?

Greg Lindahl lindahl at [hidden]
Fri Sep 12 17:27:02 CDT 2008

On Fri, Sep 12, 2008 at 06:04:36PM -0400, Jeff Squyres wrote:
> On Sep 12, 2008, at 5:59 PM, Greg Lindahl wrote:
>> Sure, you're welcome to ask. But predicting the future is hard, and
>> even package maintainers probably aren't very good at it, i.e. someone
>> who's never considered a binary distribution due to MPI issues may
>> well not leap at the possibility today, but might in a year or two.
>> Instead, you might look at the rapid growth of non-MPI scientific
>> programs being distributed as binaries, and project from there.
> Can you cite some of these?

http://informatics.umdnj.edu/BioRPMs/ is an example of a group that's doing
binary distrbiutions. I think these are all non-MPI.

36 bioinformatics apps
11 molecular modeling apps
29 engineering apps

I know that Debian has a ton of scientific apps in it, too, including
some MPI apps linked only to their favorite MPI implementation.

The reason all this binary distributing is going on is that end-users
don't want to compile things, or even rebuild srpms.

-- greg

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