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Joseph Schuchart schuchart at icl.utk.edu
Thu Sep 21 10:09:31 CDT 2023

Martin, all,

I went through the issues grouped under the RMA chapter (Chapter 12) and 
found that some of them are issues in the I/O chapter: rows 228-259 
(except for row 239) seem relevant for the I/O chapter and not the RMA 
chapter. I guess there has been some confusion about document and PDF 
numbers. I don't want to mess with the excel sheet but wanted to raise 
this here so that the I/O CC can take a look at these points.


On 9/17/23 10:30, Martin Schulz via mpi-forum wrote:
> Hi all,
> First of all, thank all for a very productive and focused meeting last 
> week on our path to MPI 4.1 – both to those attending in person in 
> Bristol and to those online at often quite unfortunate hours!
> As discussed, I compiled a list of all open points and consolidated 
> this into a single spreadsheet, which is here:
> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ZpsyVTnfNHv85K9Mzi_3niNXdmQ67yV2iwSaoYBTGpI/edit?usp=sharing
> There is a total of 380 points that we collected that we think should 
> be still addressed somehow. I placed them into five categories:
>   * MPI 4.1: This is more or less the default category and should at
>     the end contain all small changes that we still want to apply the
>     standard (and which will be voted on). For all items in these
>     categories, we will need Pull requests and Issue created.
>   * Editor changes: Small changes and formatting changes that Bill
>     will apply directly – no separate PR or Issue is necessary. Once
>     an item is in this category, please do not touch it (unless Bill
>     pushes it back to one of the other categories)
>   * Flow: Items covering bad page breaks, strange spacing, etc., which
>     do not change the contents of the document and which need to be
>     addressed at the very end during layout – Bill will go over them
>     at the end and these items are mainly meant as hints for him to
>     pay attention to
>   * MPI 4.2: Items we think are too big and which should be pushed to
>     the next version of the standard or separate erratas. For those,
>     we will eventually also need PRs and Issues and we could
>     technically start reading them in the next meeting if there is time.
>   * Reject: items we decided to drop
> Note: this list all points individually as we recorded them – multiple 
> of them can of course (and should) be grouped into a single PR or Issue.
>   * If you reviewed parts of the standard, please check the list and
>     make sure comments are properly recorded (if you noticed mistakes
>     in the page numbers, please let me know, as this means updates in
>     hidden parts of the spreadsheet)
>   * CC chairs: please take a look at all comments for your chapter and
>     ensure that they are consolidated correctly. By default you are
>     responsible for completing or shepherding all items in your chapter.
>   * If you have created PRs and Issues (or if you do so from now on),
>     please place them into the appropriate columns, so we can track it
>     and place yourself into the owner category.
>   * If the PR/Issue is complete and ready for review, please mark this
>     in the column “DONE”.
>   * If you think an MPI 4.1 issue should be moved to one of the other
>     categories, please move the checkmark and note the reason for the
>     decision in the “Comments” column at the end (together with your
>     name).
> As Wes noted on Friday, we have a short time line here – all items we 
> want for 4.1 must be in the DONE column by September 26.
> I hope this all makes sense and covers all steps forward – if you have 
> any questions, comments or concerns, please let me know.
> Thanks!
> Martin
> PS: This is a shared spreadsheet, so please be careful when editing 
> and please do not change anything structural. Also, mark any 
> decisions, observations or comments in the last column together with 
> your name, so we have a track record for the discussions next time. 
> Thanks!
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