[Mpi-forum] Reminder on LaTeX

William Gropp wgropp at illinois.edu
Tue Sep 29 12:42:38 CDT 2020

Before submitting a pull request, please remember to run

make checklatex

This should produce no output other than echoing the command that it is running.  Currently, there are a number of problems with the document because this check was not made. I can correct some as editor; one will be harder to fix (the inappropriate use of color in an example). None of these should have been accepted; we need to make this part of the CI test. But until that time, please manually run make checklatex ; you can do this in a chapter directory, for example:

% cd chap-one-side
% make checklatex
../getlatex --allowpageref --noquotechk *.tex

Thanks - this will help reduce problems with the standard.


William Gropp
Director and Chief Scientist, NCSA
Thomas M. Siebel Chair in Computer Science
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

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