[Mpi-forum] MPI sessions 2nd vote (re-)announcement

HOLMES Daniel d.holmes at epcc.ed.ac.uk
Mon Jun 15 07:51:02 CDT 2020

Hi all,

The 2nd vote for the sessions proposal is already on the agenda for the next meeting, so it has probably already been announced. However, given that I cannot remember when this was done, the Sessions WG would like to re-announce it, just to make certain that procedures have been followed and everyone has ample time to review this change one final time.

The issue is #103: https://github.com/mpi-forum/mpi-issues/issues/103
The current PR is #160: https://github.com/mpi-forum/mpi-standard/pull/160
The previous PR is #55: https://github.com/mpi-forum/mpi-standard/pull/55 (replaced with #160 but available for comment history)

The most recent clean PDF for this proposal (now fully Pythonised!) is here:

The most recent changebars PDF for this proposal (pre-Pythonisation) is here:

These are intended to be the final PDF versions that will be used for the 2nd (and final) vote for this proposal in the next voting meeting. The changebars version shows all changes made by this entire proposal, not just those made since the Portland meeting in Feb 2020.

The changes since the Portland meeting in Feb 2020 (without Pythonisation) can be viewed via Github:

The changes since the Portland meeting in Feb 2020 (including Pythonisation) can be viewed via Github:

There is one outstanding comment from Aurelien: https://github.com/mpi-forum/mpi-standard/pull/160#discussion_r429066504
The Chapter Committee plans to address that comment (as discussed on github at the given URL) as a chapter committee change after the 2nd vote.

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