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Wesley Bland work at wesbland.com
Mon Feb 24 12:53:36 CST 2020

Hearing no objections, I’ve moved all of the videos over to YouTube. Note that these videos are unlisted, so you won’t be able to search for them on YouTube itself. You’ll have to find them through the MPI Forum website:

https://www.mpi-forum.org/virtual_meetings/ <https://www.mpi-forum.org/virtual_meetings/>


> On Feb 20, 2020, at 6:12 PM, Wesley Bland <work at wesbland.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> During the meeting this week, I brought up another housekeeping item that’s come up recently. We typically record our virtual meetings and the recordings are kept in the Webex account of the Webex host (either Jeff or myself). However, this can cause a problem going forward as our available space fills up or if we were to lose access to the account (e.g. if either of us left our current job in the future).
> At the meeting, we agreed that we do want to preserve these recordings as they remain useful to us, but we were concerned about the logistics of how to preserve them. There was a suggestion that we could upload them to YouTube to make it easy to host these long term without worrying about hosting requirements. We could also make these unlisted videos and post the links on our website to keep essentially the same level of privacy that we already have.
> Before I start uploading all of the videos, I wanted to give those who are not in the room a chance to provide feedback. Does anyone have an objection to uploading our videos to YouTube going forward? If I don’t hear any objections by next week, I’ll assume it’s ok to moving the videos over from Webex to YouTube.
> Thanks,
> Wesley

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