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Rolf Rabenseifner rabenseifner at hlrs.de
Mon Feb 3 09:57:10 CST 2020

Why aren't we doing this when we finished 4.0, i.e. merged all the voted in
pull requests into the standard?

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> Hi folks,
> ** Look at the numbered list for your action items before 2020-02-18! **
> Since we moved from Subversion to GitHub, there’s been a back and forth on
> whether the MPI Standard Source code should be open source or closed source. As
> you know (since most of you have access to it, we decided to keep the standard
> closed for a few reasons (avoiding rogue copies of the Standard was a big one),
> but recently, the scales have tipped back toward open sourcing and after
> talking to Bill and Martin some more, we think it’s finally time to open up the
> MPI Standard repository. Specifically, these are the issues that get addressed
> by moving to a public repository:
> * Participation to the forum has a barrier to entry (i.e. me)
> * Our current automated testing system is broken and will not be fixed
> * We rely on special dispensation from GitHub for free, private repositories
> I’ll be discussing this in more detail in Portland, but I want to make folks
> aware that this is coming now because it will have some impact on people who
> are actively working on text proposals. The mitigations here should be pretty
> straightforward and I have both slides (for a high level) and a wiki page (for
> details) on what’s happening and what you need to do about it.
> The short version for the purpose of this email and your action item leading up
> the forum next week is to do two thing s:
> 1. Back up your branches.
> 2. Make a note for each of your open pull requests on where the are and what
> issues they’re attached to.
> Detailed notes and the slides I’ll present in Portland on how to do this are
> here: [
> https://github.com/mpi-forum/mpi-issues/wiki/Migrate-to-Public-Repository |
> https://github.com/mpi-forum/mpi-issues/wiki/Migrate-to-Public-Repository ]
> The plan is for me to flip this switch DURING THE FEBRUARY MEETING! This should
> not disrupt any readings for the meeting itself as none of the pull requests
> will actually be deleted, but they will all become stale and we’ll need to
> re-open new ones. The main benefit of doing this during the meeting is that
> if/when anyone has trouble, I’ll be there in person to provide live help to
> anyone else that’s there (sorry, Marc-Andre, you’ll need to follow my slides
> remotely \uD83D\uDE00).
> Please email me if you have questions or concerns. If there’s enough demand, I’d
> even be willing to do a short Virtual Meeting on this on Wednesday.
> Thanks,
> Wesley
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