[Mpi-forum] Virtual Meeting Information Moving

Wesley Bland work at wesbland.com
Wed Mar 27 14:19:59 CDT 2019

Hi folks,

As you'll have noticed recently, the bots have become a major problem for
our WebEx calls. Jeff and I got together and we think the best solution to
try next is to move the WebEx information out from behind the reCAPTCHA and
into the wiki for the GitHub repository.

This now means that in order to get the WebEx information, you will need to
be signed into GitHub and you will need to have been added to the MPI Forum
organization (otherwise you will see a 404 page). Instructions for that are


Once you've done that and we've added you (if you haven't done this before,
which most of you have), you should be able to go to the link that will be
posted here:


One other thing that came up during the call today as the world shifts
between Daylight Savings Time is that if you want the best way to know what
time our meetings are (in addition to knowing if we have a meeting at all),
we have a Google Calendar to which you can subscribe and always be up to


If you have trouble getting in, please let me or Jeff Squyres know.

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