[Mpi-forum] Reminder: MPI Virtual Meeting THIS Wednesday Oct. 17.

Nathan Hjelm hjelmn at lanl.gov
Wed Oct 24 12:50:42 CDT 2018

All but 11/2 works for me. I am really interested in participating in
this call.


On Wed, Oct 24, 2018 at 12:24:28PM -0400, Anthony Skjellum via mpi-forum wrote:
>    Dear Forum Members:
>    We would like to schedule a meeting about "new language bindings"  as an
>    action item from our virtual last meeting (just ended).
>    This covers this topic with sub-topics raised in the Virtual Meeting (plus
>    more):
>    "MPI object that contains an entire language binding" ... which is due to
>    Jeff Squyres :-)
>    With these questions (among others to be answered)
>    --- How to descrtibe this, such as with a normative header, from C, C++,
>    Fortran
>    --- How to guarantee that a given library (e.g., MPI-4) can also allow
>    internal and layered components (e.g., MPI3) to work.
>    [Imagine an MPI-3 based library receiving a communicator from an MPI-4
>    main program in this way]
>    --- How this approach can alleviate the need for the following
>    a) _X Big MPI APIs, because the MPI.fn() [maybe MPI->fn() in C] provides
>    the old and new APIs either through multiplicity
>    of APIs, or through compile-time polymorphism
>    b) Explanation of how this is strongly typed at compile time
>    c) Explanation of how this works with PMPI and tools (or what changes it
>    may imply)
>    d) DIscussion of how this could interact with
>    --- eliminating MPI_COMM_WORLD and new MPI_Init() variants
>    --- Sessions and Topological groups
>    --- Subset APIs
>    --- Fault Tolerance
>    [others?]
>    e) Timing of such a proposal once we agree to formalize it.  Probably
>    December.  TBD.
>    Right now, I am proposing 9am US Eastern on October 31, 2018 (Halloween in
>    the US and elsewhere), since some of you may find this to be a scary
>    conversation.    This is 2 hours before our next virtual meeting (11am
>    Eastern on 10/31).  Alt time: 10am Same day.    Third alternative,
>    November 2 @ 8am eastern.  
>    AGAIN:
>    9am Eastern, 10/31
>    10am Eastern, 10/31 (right before Virtual Meeting)
>    8am Eastern, 11/1 ,
>    Of those of you who would actually attend, do these possible times work
>    :-) .   [Let me know -- if you can make and can't make, and I'll try to
>    intersect the data.]
>    If all time fails, I will do a formal doodle poll. 
>    Thanks,
>    Tony
>    On Wed, Oct 17, 2018 at 5:10 AM Martin Schulz via mpi-forum
>    <mpi-forum at lists.mpi-forum.org> wrote:
>      Hi all,
>      Just as a reminder, today (i.e., THIS Wednesday) we will have our next
>      virtual meeting in this quarter. The webex information can be reached
>      via
>      https://www.mpi-forum.org/meetings/
>      The topic will be “MPI_T Events” and Marc-Andre will lead the
>      discussion.
>      Thanks,
>      Martin
>>      Prof. Dr. Martin Schulz, Chair of Computer Architecture and Parallel
>      Systems
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>      Garching
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