[Mpi-forum] Reminder: MPI Virtual Meeting THIS Wednesday Oct. 17.

Anthony Skjellum skjellum at gmail.com
Wed Oct 24 11:24:28 CDT 2018

Dear Forum Members:

We would like to schedule a meeting about "new language bindings"  as an
action item from our virtual last meeting (just ended).

This covers this topic with sub-topics raised in the Virtual Meeting (plus

"MPI object that contains an entire language binding" ... which is due to
Jeff Squyres :-)

With these questions (among others to be answered)
--- How to descrtibe this, such as with a normative header, from C, C++,
--- How to guarantee that a given library (e.g., MPI-4) can also allow
internal and layered components (e.g., MPI3) to work.
[Imagine an MPI-3 based library receiving a communicator from an MPI-4 main
program in this way]
--- How this approach can alleviate the need for the following
a) _X Big MPI APIs, because the MPI.fn() [maybe MPI->fn() in C] provides
the old and new APIs either through multiplicity
of APIs, or through compile-time polymorphism
b) Explanation of how this is strongly typed at compile time
c) Explanation of how this works with PMPI and tools (or what changes it
may imply)
d) DIscussion of how this could interact with
--- eliminating MPI_COMM_WORLD and new MPI_Init() variants
--- Sessions and Topological groups
--- Subset APIs
--- Fault Tolerance
e) Timing of such a proposal once we agree to formalize it.  Probably
December.  TBD.

Right now, I am proposing 9am US Eastern on October 31, 2018 (Halloween in
the US and elsewhere), since some of you may find this to be a scary
conversation.    This is 2 hours before our next virtual meeting (11am
Eastern on 10/31).  Alt time: 10am Same day.    Third alternative, November
2 @ 8am eastern.

9am Eastern, 10/31
10am Eastern, 10/31 (right before Virtual Meeting)
8am Eastern, 11/1 ,

Of those of you who would actually attend, do these possible times work :-)
.   [Let me know -- if you can make and can't make, and I'll try to
intersect the data.]

If all time fails, I will do a formal doodle poll.


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> Hi all,
> Just as a reminder, today (i.e., THIS Wednesday) we will have our next
> virtual meeting in this quarter. The webex information can be reached via
> https://www.mpi-forum.org/meetings/
> The topic will be “MPI_T Events” and Marc-Andre will lead the discussion.
> Thanks,
> Martin
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