[Mpi-forum] Agenda Items for MPI Forum Meeting in 3 weeks

Richard Graham richardg at mellanox.com
Tue Sep 8 07:21:34 CDT 2015

I will take a look  - registration should still be open.


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it seems that the registration for the MPI Forum Meeting is already closed.
The web page claims "General Registration ended". Is it still possible to attend ?

Best regards


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Hi all,

Earlier this week, I updated the agenda for the upcoming MPI forum meeting with the input I had so far.  However, I had only heard from a small number of working groups. So, if there are any additional requests for WG time or plenary sessions, or any planned errata or ticket readings, please let me know. Also, keep in mind that the two week cutoff is Thursday next week.

Thanks and hope to see most of you in Bordeaux!


PS: Don’t forget to register – Rich sent the link earlier and it’s also on the webpage now.

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