[Mpi-forum] Ticket 466 Updated - Persistent Nonblocking Collective Communication Proposed for First Reading in Chicago

Anthony Skjellum skjellum at auburn.edu
Mon May 18 11:58:33 CDT 2015

Dear Forum, here is the gist of what we added to Ticket #466, which is proposed for first reading in Chicago:

We have added two files - coll-18may15.pdf and topol-18may15.pdf, reflecting the changes needed to complete the proposal and address the major concerns from Jeff Hammond (thank you).

Note that we have made additions

  *   5.1.3 - new section called "Persistent Collective Operations" ; p 74 in coll-18may15.pdf
  *   We fixed text on page 57, lines 27-30, which addressed the issue with non-blocking collective requests being persistent.
  *   we modified Topology Chapter (see topol-18may15.pdf) to contemplate persistent neighborhood communication; we added section 7.8 - Persistent Neighborhood Communication on Process Topologies

NOTE: There is another change that we must make, but did not feel comfortable doing once we prototyped the LaTeX, namely, in Section 3.9 of the the current standard, Point-to-Point Chapter, Looking at p73, the current text says

"A persistent communication request is created using one of the five following calls. These calls involve no communication."

As part of this ticket, we also want to change these sentences to read as follows:

"A persistent point-to-point communication request is created using of the five following calls (persistent collective communication requests are discussed in Section X.YZ). Persistent point-to-point communication initialization calls involve no communication.

NOTE: This is a cross-reference to new logic, that makes no change in the standard with regard to the existing functionality described there, but specifically differentiates between extant point-to-point requests produced by point-to-point initialization functions and the new collective ones. It could be considered a ticket 0 change, but we didn't like how the LaTeX worked and needed not to check-in the chapter here.

Thank you,

Tony Skjellum, Puri Bangalore, and Dan Holmes

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