[Mpi-forum] Agenda for Next Meeting and Timeline for MPI 3.1

Balaji, Pavan balaji at anl.gov
Thu Jan 29 18:11:54 CST 2015


We'll need some (1 hour?) WG time and some (1 hour?) plenary time for Hybrid.


  -- Pavan

> On Jan 26, 2015, at 12:37 PM, Schulz Martin <schulzm at llnl.gov> wrote:
> (second attempt due to email problems – sorry if you end up getting this twice)
> Hi all,
> I started to put up an agenda for the next meeting in March in Portland. It’s on the website as usual. 
> http://meetings.mpi-forum.org/secretary/2015/03/agenda.php
> The main points on the agenda will be the readings and votes for MPI 3.1 (see also below). Aside from that, there should be time for WG and plenary meetings as usual. To make sure we get through the reading and voting process, though, I moved the WG times to Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning only plus some time after the voting block on Thursday.
> WG chairs: if you have any requests for WG or plenary time, please let me know and I will add it to the agenda.
> As for MPI 3.1 – below, as a reminder, is the timeline we talked about last time. In order to proceed with the MPI 3.1 process, we’ll need final documents by 2/16 (3 weeks from now) and complete drafts by 2/2 (1 week from now). The chapter committee chairs will coordinate this process, but if you are on a chapter committee, please be ready to help move forward with this. Also, if you are not on a committee, but would like to, please contact the respective chair and cc me. The current chapter committees are listed on the MPI 3.1 page:
> http://meetings.mpi-forum.org/MPI_3.1_main_page.php
> Thanks!
> Martin
> 	• Starting Dec. 2014: Start integrating passed tickets into golden copy
> 		• Has to be done by chapter committee chairs
> 		• Changes to be reviewed by chapter committees
> 		• Text edits must follow http://meetings.mpi-forum.org/2014-12-instructions.pdf
> 		• The location of the SVN repo listed in the instructions
> 		• WARNING: start with current version of the golden copy (Fortran changes already in)
> 	• By February 2nd (4 weeks before MPI Forum)
> 		• Chapter committee chairs publish draft of each chapter
> 		• Commit to golden copy for MPI 3.1 in the repo
> 		• Some kind of diff with old chapter (what ever works for the chapter)
> 		• To be sent to MPI forum email list
> 		• Full draft will be on the forum page for review
> 	• By February 16th (2 weeks before MPI Forum)
> 		• Chapter committees collect and integrate feedback
> 		• Chapter committee chairs publish final chapter proposal for MPI 3.1
> 	• Starting March 2nd (MPI forum meeting in Portland)
> 		• Reading of all chapters (i.e., going through the diffs)
> 		• Votes on each chapter and the complete standard
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