[Mpi-forum] December 2014 Meeting / Agenda

Schulz Martin schulzm at llnl.gov
Tue Nov 4 00:09:51 CST 2014

Hi all,

I put up an initial roster for the December meeting in San Jose. As usual, I
am planning to arrange WG meeting in the beginning of the meeting (until
Tuesday noon or evening depending on the requests that I get), followed by
the plenaries. Votes will be Thursday morning.

For the plenaries, I would like to try something different, based on the
experience at the forum in Japan: instead of having a fixed schedule, I¹ll
put up a list of topics that we need to cover and we¹ll go through them in
order, but not necessarily with a fixed schedule. We basically followed this
scheme in Japan (out of necessity since we had to redo the agenda on the fly
due to the missed quorum) and this worked fairly well and allowed for enough
discussions for the topics that needed them. I¹ll still try to keep track of
overall time to make sure we get through with the agenda, in particular with
the items to be voted on, but I would like to avoid that this dictates the

For the WG leads: please send me any requests for WG time or plenary items
as soon as you can (even if you need to revise that later), so we can start
building a more concrete agenda. Also, please let me know of any tickets
that you want read or voted on as part of errata. I have pre-populated the
agenda with the second and first votes, since those are fixed ­ but please
also double check those. The deadline for announcing tickets for readings or
votes is as usual 2 weeks before the forum, which is the Monday 11/24, I.e.,
the Monday of Thanksgiving week.



Martin Schulz, schulzm at llnl.gov, http://scalability.llnl.gov/
CASC @ Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore, USA

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