[Mpi-forum] Ticket 448

Martin Schulz schulzm at llnl.gov
Mon Dec 1 22:50:54 CST 2014

Hi Wesley, Rolf,

I added this on the agenda based on Rolf¹s request - Rolf: looking at the
notes, we looked at this ticket at the Kobe meeting and decided that this
shouldn¹t be an errata item and that we were suggesting to handle this as
a new ticket for 4.0. Do you agree with this or do you want to advocate
that this should be errata?



On 12/2/14, 2:27 AM, "Bland, Wesley B." <wbland at anl.gov> wrote:

>Martin / Rolf,
>I see on the agenda that we¹re voting on 448 as an errata. When I look at
>the ticket, it¹s marked as a 4.0 ticket. Can you clarify how we¹ll be
>voting for this in San Jose next week?
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