[Mpi-forum] MPI-3 implementations status

Michael Blocksome blocksom at us.ibm.com
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Please add a column to this table for IBM Platform MPI-CE - or shorter: 

The "NB collectives" cell should be checkmarked (it is currently 
The "Neighborhood collectives", "RMA", "F08 Bindings", and "Matched Probe" 
cells should be listed as "Q3 '14"
All other cells should be listed as "Q2 '15"


Michael Blocksome
Parallel Environment MPI Middleware Team Lead, TCEM
POWER, x86, and Blue Gene HPC Messaging
blocksom at us.ibm.com

From:   Pavan Balaji <balaji at mcs.anl.gov>
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Date:   11/15/2013 09:14 PM
Subject:        [Mpi-forum] MPI-3 implementations status
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Attached is the latest MPI implementations slide that is planned to be 
used at the MPI Forum BoF and other talks at SC.  If there are updates to 
this, please let us know.


  — Pavan

Pavan Balaji

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