[Mpi-forum] Error when using mpiexec whith mpich-3.04

vincent russier russier at icmpe.cnrs.fr
Thu Nov 21 02:11:56 CST 2013

I have installed mpich-3.04 on a computer powered by linux.
Everything seems to be OK. The example in f.90 runs correctecly
without error mesages. When I try my own trial code (simply a send
and a recv call) I get the following error mesage :
Assertion failed in file src/mpid/ch3/src/mpid_vc.c at line 140:
MPIU_Object_get_ref((vcrt)) >= 0
The process which aborts is the one on which I use the recv
I have use mpiexec -n <n> ./trial.out
I have tried with ifort and gfortran compilers with the same result.
I have made the same install on another computer also powered by
Linux with exactly the same result.
The 2 Linux are different: Fedora 19 and RedHat Enterprise 6.2
Thank you for your help.

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