[Mpi-forum] Next MPI Forum meeting (Chicago Dec 9-12)

Steve Oyanagi sko at cray.com
Tue Nov 12 17:47:12 CST 2013


I am perhaps too early, but I note there are no logistics
or agenda for the Chicago meeting which now less than a
month away.

Did I miss something and this meeting was canceled?

I am beginning to make trip preparations, so knowing:

1. That the meeting is occurring,

2. When we start on Monday,

3. Tentatively when we stop on Thursday (I realize that
    might change),

4. Where is the meeting hotel and rate,

would all be helpful.  I assume the meeting is at the same
Microsoft location as the other Chicago meeting in downtown.

I did not attend the last meeting in Madrid so I am unaware
of any arrangements made there, and I have not seen a
recap of next meeting info.

Thanks much,
	- Steve

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