[Mpi-forum] Agenda for December Meeting

Jim Dinan james.dinan at gmail.com
Tue Dec 3 12:56:03 CST 2013

Hi Martin,

In concert with ticket #349 (MPI_Aint_add), I would also like to show
ticket #402, which uses MPI_Aint_add to clean up an RMA example in the
standard.  This won't count as a formal reading for #402, because there
isn't enough lead time, but it would be nice to include a link in the
agenda so folks can review it ahead of time and follow along.

Unfortunately, we found a couple mistakes in the wording of ticket #381
(communicator info keys) and had to make changes this week.  We would still
like to read that ticket for feedback, but may not be able to count this as
a formal reading, because of making changes so close to the meeting.


On Thu, Nov 28, 2013 at 4:30 PM, Schulz, Martin <schulzm at llnl.gov> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I put the agenda for the next MPI forum on the web site. This should
> include all the requests I have gotten, if not please let me know. Also, I
> know this schedule is not ideal for everyone, but I have gotten many
> constraints from people this time and I hope this is the best compromise.
> Thanks,
> Martin
> PS: Please note, that on Tuesday we only have a smaller room plus a
> breakout room - the intention is to have real WG meetings on that day, so I
> hope this won't be a problem.
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