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Pavan Balaji balaji at mcs.anl.gov
Sat Sep 29 17:16:42 CDT 2012

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> Simply adjourning might be less than ideal. The last time that
> happened, it took a decade to restart :-) However, six months or a
> year of hiatus might actually be a good thing. That wouldn't require
> people to stop working on ideas - just give time for the forum as a
> whole to catch their breath...

While I would have agreed with this in general, we should remember that some working groups (such as Fault Tolerance) that could not make it into 3.0 have been counting on this upcoming release (MPI-3.1?) to get those features in.

There are also some features that got discussed on the RMA mailing list for additions into MPI-3.1.

We have similar plans in the hybrid working group as well (or a small subset of the very small working group).

Also note that we are slowing down the pace of the Forum meetings to quarterly.  That should help.  Another option is to have just two meetings in 2013 if we want to "take it easy" for an year.  That won't technically be a break, so workaholics can feel happy too.

 -- Pavan

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