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Anthony Skjellum tony at cis.uab.edu
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Why don't we formulate our new plan of governance and architectural structure, and group organization via e-mail soon, meet at SC2012 to confirm it where will clearly have quorum, and implement it at the December meeting?  

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This is planned to be discussed at the next meeting.  We have had a different chair for 2.1, 2.2, and 3.0, and this will be no different.


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I wasn't able to attend the Forum meeting last week, so I don't know if this came up or not, but given that it's election season in the US and MPI 3.0 has been officially accepted, it seems like a good time to discuss leadership of the Forum going forward. I know several people who have been involved from a leadership standpoint are in different situations now then they were when the 3.0 process started, and their priorities and commitments are different. I think it might be good to have an open discussion about making changes to some of the leadership roles in an effort to make sure that we start this next phase in the best way possible.


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