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Richard Graham richardg at mellanox.com
Mon Sep 10 12:28:07 CDT 2012

  However, if we can come to some agreement over e-mail, this might be better, so we can put the final doc before folks sooner rather than later.
  I went back and read the two paragraphs that you mention - why is this additional clarification needed ?  I don't follow from the context, though the statement seems innocuous.


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Rich --

Per Jeremiah Willcock's comments, we'd like to add one small clarifying paragraph to the Fortran section.  I think it's totally safe, but it's somehow intangibly above the "chapter author can add it himself" threshold for me.  Specifically: I think the current text is a little weak, but sufficient.  I'm therefore on the fence as to whether the text is *needed* in MPI-3.0 or whether it could be pushed to MPI next.

Can this be added to the agenda during the discussion of user comments for the MPI-3.0 draft 2?

Here's the specific proposal:

> I propose adding the following paragraph after the big paragraph in draft 2 p628:27-44:
> Note that the above definition does not supercede restrictions about 
> buffers used with non-blocking operations (e.g., those specified in 
> Section~\ref{subsec:pt2pt-commstart}).

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