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Feel free to send me material for review.


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I have updated this material, based on the public comments:

Front matter
Chapter 1, Introduction
Chapter 6, Groups, Contexts, Communicators, and Caching
Chapter 11, One-sided Communication

I would like some reviewers for the first 3 (I've made the RMA chapter available to the RMA group).  These three chapters do have chapter committees, but they've been inactive, so I'd like some volunteers.  I have the svn diffs of the chapters as well as the PDF for the chapters, with the updates in color.  The changes are almost all minor typos, with a few corrections (e.g., there was one statement about the inability to add processes to an MPI job that was true in MPI 1 but hasn't been true since MPI 2.0).

Let me know if you can help.  Thanks!


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