[Mpi-forum] MPI 3.0 Passed tickets

Richard Graham richardg at mellanox.com
Tue May 29 00:49:09 CDT 2012

Attached is the list of tickets that have passed all but the final 3.0 chapter vote, and have not yet been incorporated into the approved version - some were taken care of as this list was being created.  I have included the ticket number, ticket owner, and the affected chapter.

Authors: Please send me an update on the affected chapters, AND work with each of the chapter authors to make sure the changes get moved into the approved section.

>>> As we discussed at the current meeting, THE GOAL IS TO GET ALL PASSED CHANGES INTO THE APPROVED REPOSITORY BY JUNE 15. <<
The goal is to let people start to read over the new version of the standard before the July meeting, so that we can get a draft out for comment 1-2 weeks after the July meeting, and allow for comments before the final vote in Sept.  If you can't make that date, please let me know ASAP, so we will find someone else who can do the work.

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