[Mpi-forum] Chicago meeting formal readings

Jeffrey Squyres jsquyres at cisco.com
Thu Mar 8 05:06:19 CST 2012

Since there are a huge number of tickets in flight, I made a summary of the results of the meeting.  Votes are already recorded on the meetings web site, and per discussion in Chicago, I'll add this list of tickets that both had their formal reading at the Chicago meeting, and their respective owners plan to bring them up for a vote at the next meeting.

So here's my list of formal readings that "passed":

- #187: For reductions: Grouping MPI_AINT, MPI_OFFSET, MPI_COUNT as Multi-language types
- #192: C++ binding for Dist_graph_neighbors_count is badly broken
- #194: Ensure MPI_Dims_create is really suitable for MPI_Cart_create
- #195: Topology awareness in MPI_Dims_create

- #256: MPI_PROC_NULL behavior for MPI_PROBE and MPI_IPROBE not directly defined
- #271: Functions to query MPI_Info object attached to windows and communicators
- #273: Add Immediate versions of nonblocking collective I/O routines (re-reading from last meeting)
- #278: Update examples to not use deprecated constructs (where possible)
- #281: Remove C++ bindings (re-reading from last meeting)
- #294: MPI_UNWEIGHTED should not be NULL (re-reading from last meeting)
- #217: MPI3 Hybrid Programming: Proposal for Helper Threads

- #300: Fix issue with definition of nonblocking in One Sided Chapter
- #303: Move MPI-2 deprecated functions to new "Removed interfaces" chapter
- #310: clarify MPI behavior when multiple MPI processes run in the same address space
- #311: provide a mechanism for migrating threads between MPI processes
- #317: correct error related to MPI_REQUEST_FREE
- #323: New FT proposal
- #326: MPI3 Fault Tolerance - Files
- #327: MPI3 Fault Tolerance - Dynamic process management
- #328: fix MPI_PROC_NULL behavior for mprobe/improbe/mrecv/imrecv

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