[Mpi-forum] Tickets into approved SVN and their new Fortran bindings

Rolf Rabenseifner rabenseifner at hlrs.de
Sat Jun 30 09:47:14 CDT 2012

Dear all chapter authors,

this email is important for you, because it tells how to
add the new mpif08 Fortran bindings into your tex files.

When you include your passed tickets' latex with new routines
into the approved/MPI-3.0 SVN, then the new Fortran binding 
for these new routines is typically still missing.

You work on chap-xxx/xxx.tex (which maybe, e.g., chap-pt2pt/pt2pt.tex)

To add the new mpif08 bindings, you have to do:

- Go into your SVN approved/MPI-3.0 directory
  cd  <whereever its is on your system>approved/MPI-3.0/

- Do not go into any subdirectory

- Commit your changes before adding the mpif08 bindings:
  svn ci chap-xxx/xxx.tex -m 'Ticket nnn in chap-xxx added, but without new mpif08 bindings'

- CAUTION: Your chap-xxx/xxx.tex must have fileformat=unix 
           and ***not*** fileformat=dos!
  Check with 
    file chap-xxx/xxx.tex
  It must report
    chap-xxx/xxx.tex: ASCII text
  It must ***not** report 
    chap-xxx/xxx.tex: ASCII text, with CRLF line terminators
    - In this case:
       vi chap-xxx/xxx.tex
       :set fileformat=unix

- The next steps will add the new mpif08 Fortran bindings
  to your newly included ticket:
  cp -p chap-xxx/xxx.tex chap-xxx/xxx_OLD.tex

  ./ADD-F2008-for-one-chapter.sh chap-xxx/xxx.tex  

  You may check whats new:
  diff chap-xxx/xxx_OLD.tex chap-xxx/xxx.tex 

  The only changes should be the addition of the mpifnewbind lines! 

- Commit the result:
  svn ci chap-xxx/xxx.tex -m 'Ticket nnn in chap-xxx complete with new mpif08 bindings'

- Never change any \mpifnewbind{...} or  \mpifnewnonebind{...} line.
  With the next run of ./ADD-F2008-for-one-chapter.sh, 
  all your manual changes are lost.
- Never add any \mpifnewbind{...} or  \mpifnewnonebind{...} line
  by hand. It should be done always by this script.

- ./ADD-F2008-for-one-chapter.sh works with a sed script ./ADD-F2008.sed
  This script corresponds to a set of files which can be directly used
  to define the new mpif08 module.
- I'll store these files also in the SVN in the next days.

- The script is prepared for all possible MPI-3.0 tickets:
  - Already passed tickets: 
     - and already included in the Fortran ticket #229:
         #38  #109 #219 #258 #265 #270 #274 #284 #299 
     - and newly provided now, see also Annex B.2 for checking:
         #168 #204 #280 #286 #287 
  - Current status Had 1st Vote:
     - and newly provided now, see also Annex B.2 for checking:
- All other tickets do not provide new MPI routines with Fortran bindings.
Best regards

Dr. Rolf Rabenseifner . . . . . . . . . .. email rabenseifner at hlrs.de
High Performance Computing Center (HLRS) . phone ++49(0)711/685-65530
University of Stuttgart . . . . . . . . .. fax ++49(0)711 / 685-65832
Head of Dpmt Parallel Computing . . . www.hlrs.de/people/rabenseifner
Nobelstr. 19, D-70550 Stuttgart, Germany . (Office: Allmandring 30)

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