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Richard Graham richardg at mellanox.com
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We need to give time for all the chapter wg's to finish their work.  We can always be flexible, and consider moving around items on the agenda to meet travel needs - and hope we can meet all of them.


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On 6/16/12 9:30 AM, "Richard Graham" <richardg at mellanox.com> wrote:

>The first cut at the agenda for the July meeting of the Forum is on-line.
> As I mentioned at the last meeting, the goal of this meeting is to get 
>the 3.0 standard ready to be released as a draft standard - all but the 
>last vote, and perhaps  a few ticket-0 minor edits before the final 
>vote in Sept.
>PLEASE NOTE: we will start as usual at 1pm on Monday, and go through 
>2:30 on THURSDAY  this is the first of the meetings where we shift to 
>a quarterly meeting schedule.
>The registration page and hotel information should also be available 
>very soon  final logistics are being handled.

Is there a reason we are continuing to go until 2:30 on the last day?
Historically, we have gone until 12:00 on the final day and have only pushed out further into Wednesday recently in order to cover the rush for 3.0.  With the extension to four days, it would be nice to return to our normal final day schedule so that people can attend for the full session and make it home that night.


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