[Mpi-forum] anonymous SVN of MPI standard LaTeX?

Jeff Hammond jhammond at alcf.anl.gov
Wed Jun 27 08:13:50 CDT 2012

I would like to write a proposal to the MPI Forum myself instead of
wasting everyone's time by ranting on this list or by pestering Pavan
or Torsten to write something that encapsulates my ideas.

I have a Trac account but cannot find the MPI standard LaTeX source in
the section marked "Browse Source".  I know that some people are about
to get LaTeX, and that this seems to be the way that all successful
proposals are generated, so can everyone - not just me - get access
via anonymous SVN?

If I've just failed to find the link to anonymous SVN of the MPI
standard, can you remind me?  I think that many others would be
interested as well, since it doesn't appear that this info is readily
available on the various MPI Forum websites.

It really doesn't work to require me to copy and paste from the PDF
since the few times that I've done that the formatting is all sorts of
screwed up and it takes a good bit of time just to make it readable
text.  If I were to make a proposal involving more than a few
sentences, starting from the PDF would be a deal-breaker.



Jeff Hammond
Argonne Leadership Computing Facility
University of Chicago Computation Institute
jhammond at alcf.anl.gov / (630) 252-5381

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