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I'm a bit confused what is going on with the C++ interfaces.  I e-mailed 
the ticket owners and added comments to the C++ removal ticket because the 
PDF posted on that ticket is full of dangling C++ references.   There are 
places where it says "in C++ the interface is:" and then an empty space 
where the C++ definition was removed.   There appears to be many places 
where the document refers to optional C++ arguments and other C++ specific 
API issues.    Perhaps I'm looking at the wrong document because Doug says 
that they did look at each individual C++ reference and did not simply 
move all the C++ API's to the deleted interfaces chapter, but the pdf I 
looked at looked like it had a lot of work to go. 

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Hi Rich,
Thanks. Great to see this document come together. Two questions:
1.       I suppose we should keep this draft to ourselves for the time 
being, so I’m asking how strict this should be. I would rather involve 
some people on my team to review this or a later draft if this is not 
explicitly disallowed.
2.       In case we do find something that appears to be incorrect, what 
is the right process to report the issue? I.e., ii/6 mentions C++ 
interface that has been removed AFAIK, and the rest of the text still 
contains the resp. C++ calls and such. Is this an issue, and if so, who 
will deal with it?
Best regards.
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Here is a version that people can start to look at – as was mentioned, 
updates are still coming.
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