[Mpi-forum] March MPI Forum meeting

Graham, Richard L. rlgraham at ornl.gov
Sun Jan 29 19:35:57 CST 2012

Registration is up for the meeting, as is the agenda.  Please check out the agenda - Rolf has done a lot of work to figure out the open 3.0 tickets.  For those that have already passe a reading, there is no issue - voting will progress.  On the other ones, I listed the ticket owner for all of these, to make sure that folks are aware that their tickets are up for discussion.  If folks do not want to proceed with these, please let me know.  Those that are on the hook are Koziel, Gropp, Hoefler, Dinan, Tillier, Snir, Squyres, and Moody - please confirm that you are OK with these tickets.  Also, Traff and Ritzdorf are owners of two tickets, so someone else will need to move these along.


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