[Mpi-forum] MPI Forum BoF and Jan meeting

Torsten Hoefler htor at illinois.edu
Sun Nov 13 09:13:02 CST 2011

> Also, the first cut at an agenda for the Jan meeting is already in
> place.  The agenda is filling up quickly, with only 2 of the working
> groups submitting requests for time so far.  In all reality, given the
> number of working groups that want to have formal readings this
> meeting, we will NOT be able to accommodate all, so will fall back on
> the ranking of individual items, as voted on earlier in the year.
> This does also mean that we will go as late as we can on Wed.  Please
> send in requests for time.
Please schedule the following two plenary sessions for the collectives
and topology working group:

1) reading of #168 (MPI_Icomm_dup) -- at least 45 mins
2) reading of #264 (scalable vector collectives) -- at least 45 mins

> There is one slot for working groups - Monday 1-3 pm.  I am
> considering moving this time to 11am to 1pm, if enough people can
> attend, and there is interest in such a slot.
At least I could make that work.

Thanks & All the Best,

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