[Mpi-forum] Chapter committees - round 2

Graham, Richard L. rlgraham at ornl.gov
Mon Oct 11 08:46:39 CDT 2010

Here is the latest list, based on what people have volunteered for.  There were some requests that were not fulfilled, as there were many requests for some chapters, but I would like to have all chapters adequately covered before further increasing chapter committees.  AS you see, we need more volunteers.


Front matter - Bill Gropp(c)
Introduction - Bill Gropp(c)
Terms and Definitions - Jeff Squyres, Rolf Rabenseifner(c), Bill Gropp
Point-to-Point Communication - Richard Graham(c), Anthony Skjellum
Datatypes - George Bosilca (c), Quincey Koziol, Anthony Skjellum
Collective Communication - Adam Moody, Torsten Hoefler, Yutaka Ishikawa, Hideyuki Jitsumoto
Process Topologies - Torsten Hoefler, Puri Bangalore
Groups, Contexts, and Communicators  - Bill Gropp(c), Puri Bangalore
Environmental Management - George Bosilca
Info-Object - Darius Buntinas(c)
Process Creation and Management - David Solt(c)
One-Sided Communications - Bill Gropp(c), Rajeev Thakur(c), Vinod Tipparaju, Sayantan Sur
External Interfaces - Bronis R. de Supinski(c), Pavan Balaji,
I/O - Rajeev Thakur(c), Quincey Koziol, Dreese Kimpe
Profiling interface - Bronis R. de Supinski(c)
Deprecated Functions - Rolf Rabenseifner(c)
Language Bindings - Jeffrey M. Squyres(c), Rolf Rabenseifner, Hubert Ritzdorf, PurivBangalore, Craig Rasmussen
Annex Language Bindings Summary - Rolf Rabenseifner(c), Alexander Supalov
Annex Change-Log - Rolf Rabenseifner(c)
Bibliography - Bill Gropp(c)

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