[Mpi-forum] Final version of cleaned up Chapter 5 (Collective Operations) including NBC

Torsten Hoefler htor at illinois.edu
Sun May 16 01:23:14 CDT 2010

Hello Forum,

I did the manual cleanup as I promised to Rolf. All MPI-2.2 macros are
now gone. The diff of the source code to Rolf's cleaned up version is
now as short as it will get. Please check the diff carefully.

I used the macros that Bill introduced in MPI-2.2 (replacing "2.2" with
"3.0") to mark the changes from #109. I also fixed a number of excess
spaces (" ") in my editorial freedom.

The chapter is in the MPI-3.0 repository. To look at the diff, do:
svn diff -r495:HEAD in the subdirectory chap-coll. I put the diff at
http://www.unixer.de/sec/mpi_chap_5_diff_459-HEAD.txt .

The full standard-draft that we will vote on at the next meeting is in
the svn and at http://www.unixer.de/sec/mpi-report.pdf .

Please let me know if you have any questions or find any problems!

All the Best,

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