[Mpi-forum] Sending an objects vector via MPI C++

Saygin Arkan saygenius at gmail.com
Wed Jul 7 04:06:26 CDT 2010


I'm a newbie on MPI, just playing around with the things.
I've searched through the internet but couldn't find an appropriate code
example for my problem.

I'm making comparisons, correlations on my cluster, and gaining the results
like this:
vector<ComparisonResult> results;

In every node, they calculate and create the results array, in their local
And then I'd like to collect these vectors in my server node, rank (0).

I had done this with MPI gather but just for double arrays, not with objects
or vectors.

I have some guess about MPI::Create_contiguous, or MPI::Create_vector
but all these ask for another associated MPI type, such as CHAR or INT or
And I don't know if I should use packing somehow...

is there a way to collect these vectors in my server node with Gather
or even with send & recv?

Thanks a lot,

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