[Mpi-forum] ATL to Marriott

Shinji Sumimoto s-sumi at labs.fujitsu.com
Tue Jan 19 00:21:43 CST 2010

See the URL for the location of MARTA station, the station is located 
west side and inside of the airport, taxi station is too but outside.
Do not go out to the parking deck side, no sign to the MARTA station. I 
lost the way from AA baggage claim, downstiars of the airport.

Anyway,  the  hotel web site says that there is free access internet in 
the hotel, however there is no free internet access in the
hotel rooms. The cost is 12.5 USD per day.


Shinji @ the hotel.

Jeff Squyres says
> We neglected to put this info on the web site -- I just called the hotel and they tell me that the quickest / easiest / cheapest way to get to the hotel from ATL is MARTA (the public train station).  Take the yellow line from ATL to the Lennox stop; the hotel is apparently directly across the street from the Lennox station.  $2.75 for a one-way ticket; the trip is approximately 30 mins.
> See everyone tomorrow.

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