[Mpi-forum] SVN perms

Jeff Squyres jsquyres at cisco.com
Wed Jan 20 06:36:55 CST 2010

We talked about this yesterday in the meeting but I didn't have an internet connection to check at the time; here's how the permissions in the SVN tree are currently set (trunk):

Editor 1: Rainer
Editor 2.1: Rolf, Rajeev, Bill
Editor 2.2: all the chapter authors
  --> I'm not sure why we lumped all the chapter authors in the "editor" group for 2.2, but we did
Editor 3: Rich
Author 3: me, Torsten, Rolf
  --> Should I add all the MPI-2.2 chapter authors to the "Author 3" group?
WG: me, Ashley, John D., Marc AH, Martin S.

/trunk/MPI-1: Editor 1 can write
/trunk/MPI-2.1: Editor 2.1 can write
/trunk/MPI-2.2: Editor 2.2 can write
/trunk/MPI-3.0: Editor 3 and Author 3 can write
/trunk/MPI-3.0/wg: WG

Jeff Squyres
jsquyres at cisco.com

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