[Mpi-forum] Next year's meeting agenda

Bronis R. de Supinski bronis at llnl.gov
Thu Aug 19 10:10:31 CDT 2010


> I am about to remove the tentative tag from the meeting agenda for next 
> calendar year - 2011.  Any more comments ?  The Sept date is still up 
> in the air, as there are still 2 possible dates for Euro MPI.  Please 
> send me any additional comments by Friday next week, 8/27/2010, so we 
> can finalize the schedule, and let people take these dates into account 
> for planning purposes.

Everything looks good except for the location of the October 24-26, 2011
meeting. The last comments on the schedule were from ROlf, who suggested
we hold this meeting in Chicago to provide better balance between the
two primary sites and then from me to concur. There were no objections
and I believe others would concur, based on the general sentiment that
was expressed for more Chicago meetings.


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