[Mpi-forum] Implementation of 2.2 and Thursday MPI session at EuroPVM/MPI

Richard Treumann treumann at us.ibm.com
Tue Sep 8 14:02:28 CDT 2009

IBM does not yet have a date in plan.

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Rich and
Rajeev, Jeff, Dick, Rolf V., Erez, Naoki Sueyasu, Yann, David,
Mark, Hubert and Jesper, Alexander and Keith, David Gingold
(i.e., all who are mentioned on the attached slide),

on this Thursday (Sep.10, 2009), I expect, you will present MPI-2.2
at EuroPVM/MPI in the "MPI forum information session" (3-4pm).

One question will be, when it is to expect that MPI-2.2 will be
available as MPI libraries.

The number of new routines and enhancements is small.
I would expect, that the question from last year slide should be
modified into "available at SC09?"

I can imagine that mpich2 and OpenMPI have a real opportunity
to met such a goal.

I hope, all MPI implementors can give you a rough estimate when
their MPI libraries will be MPI-2.2 compliant.

For me, this is also the answer to the question, when users should
substitute their old MPI-2.1 books by the new MPI-2.2 book:

Best regards

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